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Kagura  is a creation of Naraku’s, his second “detachment”. A wind sorceress, Kagura uses a fan to create a blade-like tornado or use wind to animate dead bodies. She can also enlarge her feather hair-ornaments to ride in the wind. Kagura hates Naraku and wishes to be free from him, covertly opposing him to the point of offering aid to both Inuyasha and Seshoomaru in hopes that they can kill him. She also becomes attracted to Sesshomaru.

After Kohaku’s memories return, Kagura becomes increasingly protective of him: she shares information with him about Naraku’s weaknesses; she thwarts her fellow detachments from taking the Shikon shard that keeps Kohaku alive; finally, she openly defies Naraku by helping him escape. Naraku mockingly returns her heart before fatally wounding her and leaving her to die. Sesshomaru finds her dying; she seems happy to see him, although his sword Tenseiga cannot save her. When InuYasha asks if she suffered; Sesshomaru replies that she was smiling when she died.


One response

  1. Kandrakar

    Kagura is definitely my favourite female character. And she is definitely second favourite in the whole list.


    March 29, 2011 at 11:57 am

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