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Weapon: boomerang called “Hiraikotsu”, made up of yokai bones.

Pet: Kirara

Sango is proud Demon Slayer from the village where the first Shikon Jewel was born. She is a highly skilled yokai exterminator, or demon slayer, and a member of a group and family of demon slayers. She is elder sister of Kohaku whom Naraku tricked in slaying his family and comrades. Sango was the sole survivor of the massacre. She was also tricked by naraku to kill InuYasha who made her believe that Kohaku was misguided by him.

She teams up with InuYasha’s group to avenge Naraku and get her brother back from him. She falls in love with a monk, Miroku.     


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  1. the pics are awesome


    March 30, 2013 at 6:37 am

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