Welcome to the World of Dreams

Season 4



83. Girl Yourouzoku & the Great Promise 

84. Super Speed Marriage Deal 

85. Evil Spirits Rising, Demon’s Severed Head 86. Hidden Princess’ Secret 

87. Wandering Kikyo’s Solitary Journey

88. The Monkey God’s Three Spirits

89. Visitation Confrontation Between ‘That Guy’ & ‘Him’

90. Souta’s Brave Confession

91.The Mysterious Spritualist & the Black Kirara

92. The Revived Person’s Ambition

93. Mystery of the Lecherous Priest

94. Those who Made the Shikon no Tama (1)

95. Those who Made the Shikon no Tama (2)

96. Jaken falls Ill

97. Kirara Leaves & Doesn’t Return

98. Just Kikyo & Kagome in a Cave

99. Sesshomaru & Kouga’s Dangerous Encounter

100. Nightmarish Reality: Battle in the Forest of Despair

101. Seven Years Later, Lingering Snow

102. The Wolf Demons, Attacked by a Zombie

103. Revival of the Shichinintai

104. The Stealthy Poison User, Mukotsu

105. The Strange Unfolding-Steel Weapon

106. Kagome, Miroku & Sango in a Dangerous Situation

107. The First Time I saw Inuyasha Cry

108. The Secret of the Pure Aura

109. Heading to the Misty Mt. Hakurei

110. Enter, Bankotsu: Leader of the Shichinintai


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